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This link will take you to a one-hour webinar conducted by the NCAA Eligibility Center's staff. In this webinarNCAA Staff discussed requirements student-athletes must know to be eligible to play Division I or II sports. A question-and-answer session was held at the end of the event, with Eligibility Center staff on hand to answer submitted questions.
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National Letter of Intent 
Prospective student-athletes who will be enrolling in a four-year institution for the first time are entitled to sign a National Letter of Intent (NLI). In order for an NLI to be considered valid, it must be accompanied by an athletics financial aid award letter, which lists the terms and conditions of the award, including the amount of financial aid. The athletics financial aid offer must be signed by both the prospective student-athlete and his or her parent or legal guardian. Simply put, there must be an athletics scholarship for an NLI to be valid.
National Letter of Intent Signing Ceremony Interest Form