North Haven High School Volleyball

2023 Tryout Results

We want to thank everyone who attended our tryout session today. If you see your number listed below, please attend tryouts tomorrow, Saturday August 26th.

2023 Tryout Schedule

Wednesday, August 23rd
- Fitness Assessment Only
- Returning Players - 3:00pm - 4:30pm
 - New Athletes - 4:45pm - 6:15pm
Thursday, August 24th
- New Athletes - 3:00pm - 5:30pm
- Returning Players - 5:45pm - 8:00pm
Friday, August 25th
- All Players - 3:00pm - 6:00pm
Saturday, August 26th
- All Players - 2:00pm - 5:30pm
Please wear the following colors everyday to tryouts:
  • SENIORS - White
  • JUNIORS - Black
  • SOPHOMORES - Red/Maroon
  • FRESHMEN - Blue
All athletes are strongly encouraged to bring plenty of water and a snack to tryouts each day. Each player will be assigned a number at tryouts. Cuts will be made after each day of tryouts. A list of numbers/players that we would like to return the next day will be posted here. Final cuts will be made in person on the final day of tryouts. All tryouts are will be held at North Haven High School. Players are encouraged to arrive at least 15 minutes early.

Tryout Evaluation

All athletes will be evaluated on the following:
  • Forearm passing technique
  • Setting technique
  • Spiking technique
  • Overhand serving technique
  • Coach-ability
  • Movement
  • Ball Control
  • Fitness Assessment
These skills will be evaluated using a variety of different drills and game play opportunities. We encourage athletes to be aggressive in every play as there will be plenty of opportunities for them to make corrections. If we see athletes doing something incorrectly, the coaching staff will likely approach the player to try and help them correct it. We are looking for athletes who are coachable, or in other words, after we give instruction or feedback, we are specifically looking for athletes to try and implement the feedback/corrections provided.
Our fitness assessment includes but is not limited to various types of short sprints, core strength evaluations (ex. front plank), vertical jump evaluation, and stamina assessment.

Family ID

In order to participate at tryouts, all athletes must receive an updated sports physical, register with FamilyID, and receive medical clearance from the high school nurse BEFORE the start of tryouts. If student athletes are not cleared by the high school nurse BEFORE the start of tryouts, they cannot participate. If you have any questions or issues, contact the NHHS nurse's office. Visit to register or update your information.

Program Expectations

Our volleyball program is driven by four foundational beliefs to which our student athletes are expected to know and buy into these ideas. These philosophies serve as the groundwork for us to continue to develop as a program, as a team, and for each of our players as individuals:

  1. TEAM first, individual second mentality.
  2. Play with SELF-DISCIPLINE. Let the ball decide.
  3. Choose and maintain a POSITIVE ATTITUDE.
  4. Be ACCOUNTABLE. Give 100%, 100% of the time.

  1. The number one philosophy of our program is the “TEAM first, individual second,” mentality. We believe that the team as a whole is greater than the individual; therefore, what is best for the team will always take precedence. We believe that if our student athletes learn the value and importance of selflessness, they have learned an invaluable life lesson.  Our coaching staff is committed to teaching every athlete that personal decisions impact the team and ultimately, consequences for personal actions also come with consequences for the team.
  2. Playing competitive volleyball involves a great amount of SELF-DISCIPLINE. Athletes who possess self-discipline are able to make good decisions, take action, and execute the game plan regardless of any obstacles, difficulties, or discomforts that may come their way. We believe that if players learn self-discipline in the sport of volleyball, it will carry over to other aspects of their life.
  3. We believe that ATTITUDE is essential to success. Every day, we have the ability to choose our attitude in each and every situation. We will teach the importance of maintaining positive attitudes and body language and will demand it from every player. It is impossible to control everything in the game of volleyball and in life; however, we can always control our attitude and how we respond to a situation.
  4. Athletes who are ACCOUNTABLE to the team and to themselves ultimately create a competitive culture. Not only is it important to be accountable for yourself and your actions, it extends to holding your teammates accountable. We encourage our players to give 100%, 100% of the time as it is a critical piece to high level performance.